The little story of Little Grey Leather, leather craftsman

Little Grey Leather was born from my passion for leather work and my desire to offer high-end handcrafted items, in limited editions, in a responsible way.

Eager to offer high quality products, both durable, solid and elegant, I make all my products by hand. My creations are designed in the respect of the traditions of the leatherworker's art.

Exigence, meticulousness, creativity and passion are the key words that guide me every day.

Porte-cartes en cuir Italien
Porte-cartes en cuir Italien

The adventure begins in the Hauts-de-France (North), and more precisely in Templeuve-en-Pévèle, a charming little town located about thirty kilometers south of Lille, where I decide to set up my workshop.

It is there that I imagine, design and manufacture all my leather creations.

Leather, passion and knowledge


Artisan leatherworker : an expertise in the service of quality

I am committed to French craftsmanship, which guarantees authentic, robust products with timeless charm. As a lover of work well done, I take particular care in the finitions of my leather goods: I want to offer you beautiful objects that are aesthetic, harmonious, practical and durable.


For all these reasons, I make my leather goods by hand: from the cuts of the leather to the assembly of the pieces, including the burnishing and the sewing.

I choose to sew all my work by hand. For this, I use the traditional sewing technique in leather goods: the saddle stitch.

This traditional technique, made with two needles that are crossed, allows me to offer handmade leather objects of high quality, whose seams are more robust than those made by machine.

Point sellier
Point sellier

The values I stand for

I am concerned about doing my job as a leatherworker in the respect of the values that animate me. My approach is therefore also ethical and responsible.

My way of working is part of a more sustainable vision of fashion and naturally tends to join the "slow fashion" movement: this concept favors a more reasoned consumption, more local and more respectful of the environment.

In line with this idea, I choose to offer high-end leather goods, designed to last for many years.

Finally, at the center of my work method, I place the optimization of cuts and the reuse of scraps in order to avoid any unnecessary waste of leather.

Porte-cartes en cuir
Porte-cartes en cuir

Dedicated craftsman: ethical choices for a quality leather craft

As an independent and passionate person, I seek to promote quality local craftsmanship, which is both authentic and respectful.

I am eager to propose unique, original and durable creations, which are made in France. Through my work as a small craftsman, I wish to contribute to revalorize our French traditions, to highlight our heritage and our know-how.

In accordance with my principles, I also make sure to buy from tanneries that share my values and that have a responsible and respectful approach to the environment and the animal (as much as possible).

Portefeuille en cuir à pince
Portefeuille en cuir à pince

Whether for quality or durability, I work exclusively with top-of-the-line leathers, among the best in the world. This choice allows me to offer excellent handcrafted pieces, made in the respect of the traditions of the craft of leatherwork.